mark-winter Mark Winter

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Winter has over thirty years of management experience in high technology, information services and health informatics for both private and public companies. He previously served as the executive Prize Lead for the XPRIZE Foundation and managed both the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE and Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE which are focused on catalyzing innovation in health sensing and diagnostic systems for consumers. He previously founded and served as Executive Vice President of Gluco Fitness Center, Inc. which offers wireless blood glucose and physiological monitoring of people with diabetes as part of an integrated exercise, diet and education program. As CEO of Simulis LLC he led the development of advanced clinical skills simulation-based training and assessment services that help large healthcare systems verify that their personnel follow evidence-based care practices and can safely operate medical devices. Mark has extensive knowledge of biosensors, interpretive medical devices, electronic medical record systems and consumer health portals and has spoken at numerous conferences on innovations in mobile health. Mark holds a MBA from Pepperdine University and has a BFA in Communications from Art Center College of Design.

terry-knappTerry R. Knapp, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Knapp, is a Stanford-trained, U.S. board-certified surgeon with a 40-year history of multinational care delivery. He is an accomplished medical device and medical services entrepreneur and corporate executive, co-founder of Collagen Corporation, and several other private and public companies, and has served in numerous executive roles and Board of Director positions. He has authored 15 U.S.-issued and many foreign patents in the field of medical devices and medical information technology, and has written numerous peer-reviewed medical publications, editorials and book chapters. He is former CEO of a publicly traded, diverse medical device and information technology company and was a founding member of the Board of the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship Development at the University of Colorado, Denver.


doug-wolfgramDoug Wolfgram

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Wolfgram is an innovation-driven technology team leader with over 25 years architecting and building interactive products and systems. His core competence is in aligning the business plan with the technology plan and engaging stakeholders to effectively execute on strategy. He has extensive experience in scalable databases, HIPAA-secure systems and socket-based communications. He pioneered the interactive communications industry with the development of the world’s first multimedia systems, PCPaint and GRASP. He created some of the industry’s first in-hospital training and EPSS systems for Beckman-Coulter and Toshiba Medical. More recently, he headed up the HealthTree project for LendingTree specializing in interactive communications, health-related content and clinical trails qualification. Mr. Wolfgram holds degrees in Engineering-physics and Mathematics from Oregon State University and in his spare time mentors start-ups on technology architectures. He has been on several technology advisory boards and was a founding board member of the Telluride Technology Festival.

joe-ellen-koernerJo Ellen Koerner,  RN, MSN, PhD

Chief Nursing Officer

Jo Ellen Koerner is a former President of the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) and an originating member of the Center for Nursing Leadership. She brings a wealth of executive level management/leadership experiences to her work. Her professional background is filled with a variety of experiences from healthcare administration and education to regulation in many diverse healthcare settings — hospitals, healthcare systems, ambulatory and skilled nursing homes and home care. Jo Ellen Koerner received the 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award from AONE’s Institute for Patient Care Research & Education. She is the author of over 60 articles on healthcare subjects. She is a founder of the Healing Web, a collaborative education-service model that facilitates service learning in the community. Recently, she has been working in the private sector developing health programs for congregate living communities.

tilden-sokoloffTilden Sokoloff, MD

SVP, Occupational Health

Tilden H. Sokoloff is a graduate of Temple University where he received his undergraduate and medical education. As a U.S. board-certified surgeon with over 35 years of practice experience, Dr. Sokoloff has comprehensive knowledge of occupational medicine. He co-founded of The Advantage Occupational Medical Group, the largest provider of occupational healthcare in Northern California, and grew that organization to a staff of 200 MD’s, DO’s, PT’s, OT’s and psychologists. The Adva ntage Occupational Medical Group was acquired by Meridian Occupational Health. Dr. Sokoloff has an extensive background in understanding the injured worker’s needs, as well as corporate needs to promote workplace wellness and to define safety programs that address injuries quickly and efficiently. Dr. Sokoloff is a Co-Founder of CareTest, a clinical trial technology company and HealthSearches, a medical technology content company. Dr. Sokoloff has sat on numerous for-profit and non-profit Boards.

glen-evansGlenn Evans

VP, Latin American Operations

Mr. Evans is a resident of Panama, and holds a BA degree from St. Thomas of Villanova University in Miami, FL. He has completed post-graduate courses in medical business management, strategic planning and business market strategy at Harvard, Mayo School of Continuing Education, MIT Sloan School of Business, and Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. For 14 years, he managed the U.S. Government Health Plan for the Canal Zone in Panama, and established the first private company in Panama to offer outsourced healthcare services.