Tilden Sokoloff, MD

Tilden H. Sokoloff is a graduate of Temple University where he received his undergraduate and medical education. As a U.S. board-certified surgeon with over 35 years of practice experience, Dr. Sokoloff has comprehensive knowledge of occupational medicine. He co-founded of The Advantage Occupational Medical Group, the largest provider of occupational healthcare in Northern California, and grew that organization to a staff of 200 MD’s, DO’s, PT’s, OT’s and psychologists. The Adva ntage Occupational Medical Group was acquired by Meridian Occupational Health. Dr. Sokoloff has an extensive background in understanding the injured worker’s needs, as well as corporate needs to promote workplace wellness and to define safety programs that address injuries quickly and efficiently. Dr. Sokoloff is a Co-Founder of CareTest, a clinical trial technology company and HealthSearches, a medical technology content company. Dr. Sokoloff has sat on numerous for-profit and non-profit Boards.


Gaylord Nordine, MD, DPH

Dr. Nordine trained in Chemistry at the University of Nebraska, Medicine and Neuropsychiatry at Northwestern University, and Preventive Medicine, Health Policy and Management at the University of Michigan with Sol Axelrod, MD, MPH and Avedis Donabedian, MD, MPH. He became a leader in the 1970’s Physicians in Training movement, established the Resident Physicians Section of the American Medical Association, developed Iowa Health Department Policy and Management Systems, practiced medicine as a Board Certified Neuropsychiatrist, and held several healthcare management and consulting positions before organizing Pathways. From 2002 through 2006 he transitioned from medical practice to full time executive leadership of the company. Fifteen percent of his time is committed to clinical consultation and the balance to management and research.