A “Clinic-in-the-Cloud:”
Healthcare for the 21st Century

CareSpan® connects patients and physicians, regardless of time or distance, to enable primary and specialty care anywhere there is an Internet connection. CareSpan’s virtual clinic platform operates within a web browser on standard computers and unifies high-resolution video communications with digital patient data such as vital signs, images, biosensor diagnostics and electronic health records. The CareSpan Clinic is the first cloud-based clinic that offers physicians a complete and secure workspace-in-the-cloud that allows health care delivery consistent with the standards of an in-person exam while leveraging the economic scalability and efficiency of the Internet.


Healthcare today is being challenged by a shortage of primary care physicians, increasing numbers of older people with chronic health conditions, and large populations that are distributed across rural and remote areas. CareSpan addresses these challenges by enabling providers to deliver medical care to patients regardless of their physical location or time zone, supporting better continuity of care.

World-class Healthcare Providers

CareSpan creates partnerships with leading healthcare systems to enable “Primary Care Everywhere™.” Together, CareSpan and its provider partners deliver high quality, cost effective care for rural communities and job sites, skilled nursing homes, retail pharmacies and soon to consumers’ homes. Because CareSpan meets Federation of State Medical Board guidelines and standards for care delivery, its services are eligible for reimbursement by Medicare/Medicaid, private health insurance, and self-insured employer health plans.

Primary Care Everywhere

CareSpan is the first digital health delivery system that meets true healthcare delivery criteria and sets new standards for the practice of digital medicine. The CareSpan Clinic platform supports the technologies that allow a provider to equal and sometimes exceed an in-person clinical exam. Whether you are a patient, a healthcare provider or health insurer, CareSpan delivers multiple benefits by maintaining quality of care standards, lowering overall costs, assuring access to and continuity of care at a very large scale. CareSpan International, including its U.S. subsidiary, CareSpan USA, is a multinational healthcare delivery company whose founders, managers and directors include doctors, health information technology specialists, nurses and legal experts. Our network of medical specialists, hospitals, clinics and medical centers deliver primary and specialty care, wellness, occupational medicine and disease prevention to remote workers and other populations for anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.