Integrated Digital Health

Human beings are being digitized!  Information representing every structure and function of the human body may be characterized within bitstreams of data that flow at the speed of light, over any distance, to re-assemble a picture of a person and her medical conditions for attention by clinicians anywhere, and everywhere.  Now, integrated digital care is possible.  The implications:

  • Elimination of geographical barriers to medical care for the poor and the underserved
  • Collaborative care for those who lack proximity to a care team
  • An increase in quality and efficiency of care that produces better clinical outcomes while systematically reducing cost of care
  • The realization of predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory care for all—P4 Medicine—a concept that has been heretofore elusive.

The essential ingredients required to deliver on the promise of P4 Medicine are an integrated digital care platform, comprehensive and robust enough to support the vision, plus the clinician networks capable of actualizing the digital care platform’s potential.

This paper describes the concepts and components comprising integrated digital care and the technologies that integrate to make it a reality—a new reality that is being birthed by CareSpan!