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CareSpan provides low cost access to accountable, high quality healthcare anywhere in the world. For the first time, you can assure and control access, quality and costs when providing healthcare for your employees or members that ensures healthcare value and effective care.

Access: Using the CareSpan Clinic digital healthcare delivery platform, providers can diagnose and treat individuals anywhere an Internet connection can be established. The attending doctor or advanced practice nurse can be the insured’s own personal caregiver or any provider in CareSpan’s network or your own PPO. Whether on the North Slope or an offshore platform, a corporate office park or even at home, your employees receive instantaneous and ongoing medical care from a known and trusted provider.

Quality: All CareSpan providers are vetted, credentialed and approved for practice privileges to use the CareSpan Clinic. Quality measures, evidence-based medicine, quality audits and reporting to the insurer and employer are all part of the CareSpan service. Our focus, first and foremost, is on patient safety and medical quality assurance.

Cost: CareSpan optimizes healthcare information for analytics that enable better case management, outcomes tracking and occupational health monitoring.. CareSpan’s model of healthcare delivery as a digital health system captures far more useable and meaningful data on a patient’s status and progress toward health than traditional in-person primary care can offer.

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