Global Health and Houston Area Safety Council select CareSpan for state-of-the-art digital health care services.

On-site occupational injury care, preventive care, and enhanced emergency services are  available online to customers of Global Health and the Houston Area Safety Council.

Houston, Texas / August 10, 2016 / PRWeb / — Global Health LLC., the occupational medicine arm of Houston Area Safety Council (HASC) has signed a joint services agreement with CareSpan USA, Inc. to offer the CareSpan Clinic to companies serving the Port of Houston and other industrial/commercial areas. HASC currently provides occupational medicine and safety training services to over 1,800 workers each day in the petrochemical, industrial and transportation industries.

The CareSpan Clinic is the first online digital health care delivery system that meets and exceeds the standards of an in-person clinical encounter, integrating patient-provider video telepresence, vital signs capture, medical imaging, heart/breathing sounds, ECG, e-prescribing, specialist consultations, and a mobile patient health record, all managed within a clinical workflow system. CareSpan has recently added live ultrasound imaging, endoscopy and laryngoscopy that enables distant emergency department physicians to supervise and direct remote procedures delivered by medical technicians working on-scene with any injured worker, regardless of location or distance.

“HASC is continually working to improve the depth and breadth of our healthcare offerings to better serve our customers” said Dr. Tommy Hysler, Chief Medical Officer. “So much of telemedicine available today is just a video conference which is, by itself, insufficient for diagnosis and prescription. In CareSpan we chose a platform that would offer our providers all of the patient vital signs, images and medical history needed to properly care for our patients at many acuity levels.” Dr. Hysler added that “CareSpan is the most advanced platform for delivering real medical care that we have seen to date in the telemedicine market”.

“Occupational health is one of the most important applications for digital health care delivery, particularly in heavy industries such as energy, maritime and manufacturing” said Mark Winter, CEO of CareSpan. “We offer providers like Global Health/HASC a comprehensive resource to support a full spectrum of healthcare services that meet the standards of care that the State Boards of Medicine require. CareSpan’s unique capabilities enable this level of professional care over the Internet which provides far better access for workers located anywhere, and at much lower cost” he added.

About the Houston Area Safety Council, Inc.
As an industry-driven, 501(c)3 nonprofit association, the Houston Area Safety Council was established in 1990 with the intention of creating the ultimate safety solution. Now providing services to hundreds of facilities and thousands of contractors globally, HASC delivers almost one million units of training annually, and remains the leader in developing innovative and advanced solutions for building safe workplaces by improving the quality and integrity of the workforce. HASC specializes in delivering state-of-the-art safety, health and environmental training, occupational health services through Global Health, workforce development, mobile testing, contractor prequalification and background screening and substance abuse program solutions world-wide. For more information on HASC, please visit or

About CareSpan USA Inc.

CareSpan is the only digital health-care system that meets and often exceeds the standards of an in-person exam for care delivered over the Internet. Physicians and other providers enjoy lower operational costs, greater flexibility in clinician utilization and increased access to new patients. Insurers benefit from lower total care delivery costs with better case management and outcomes. For patients, it’s access to high quality health care that is affordable and fulfills their expectation of care continuity regardless of their location. Please visit for more information.