iHealth Devices Integrated with CareSpan Virtual Clinic Offer Online Health Care That Meets Standards of In-Person Exam

iHealth and CareSpan establish a new standard for how digital health care is delivered to patients anywhere

Today, iHealth Europe and CareSpan International, Inc. announced the integration of iHealth™ consumer and iHealth Pro lines of digital health devices with the CareSpan™ Virtual Clinic. This integration of world-class health sensors and a complete clinical care environment represents the first telemedicine solution that meets the standards of an in-person exam with the convenience of cloud-based care delivery.

iHealth’s Open API relays patient data generated by iHealth products through a secure cloud interface to CareSpan’s patient medical record system. During an online CareSpan exam, the physician or nurse communicating with a remote patient can see all of the patient’s iHealth data such as blood pressure, blood oxygenation, blood sugar, body weight and even cardiac rhythms in the CareSpan provider interface, along with many other diagnostic data elements and images. This offers the healthcare provider an unparalleled view of patient physiology that, along with history and visual assessment, supports complete diagnosis and prescription.

“We regard CareSpan as the first digital healthcare platform that presents our patient data in a unified way within a clinical workflow, designed for real-world medical care delivery,” said Uwe Diegel, CEO of iHealthLabs Europe. “Our vision of healthcare everywhere aligns perfectly with CareSpan’s focus on secure cloud-based online exams that enable the practice of digital medicine and respects the medical diagnostic and continuity-of-care processes. CareSpan is also an ideal platform to test and introduce new iHealth products,” he added.

“iHealth is a pioneer in the field of FDA and CE cleared devices designed for home and clinical use that transform healthcare by capturing essential physiological data regardless of patient location,” said Mark Winter, CEO of CareSpan. “CareSpan, in partnership with iHealth, moves far beyond a simple video chat between a provider and patient to include the entire clinical work process needed to deliver quality healthcare. This includes iHealth data, medical images, breathing and heart sounds, even electrocardiograph charting. Our combined capabilities set the current gold standard for outpatient care delivered online.”

About iHealth Lab, Inc.
iHealth, established in Silicon Valley in 2009, is a world leader in connected health, producing and distributing innovative health products that allow users to better understand their bodies’ vital signs. Clinically approved, iHealth has created a complete ecosystem of products, from blood pressure monitors, glucometers, body analysis scales and pulse oximeters, through to activity and sleep monitors. With the free iHealth MyVitals app, available on iOS and Android, users can analyze and follow their health statistics, trends and simultaneously share them with their doctors or families.

iHealth also offers a product line for health professionals, paired with a dedicated application called iHealthPro; connecting doctors and patients. Directed by Uwe Diegel in Europe, iHealth benefits from its experience of over 20 years in the manufacturing of medical devices. For more information, please visit http://www.iHealthLabs.eu and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

About CareSpan
CareSpan is the only digital healthcare system that meets and exceeds the standards of an in-person exam for care delivered over the Internet. Physicians and other providers enjoy lower operational costs, greater flexibility in clinician utilization and increased access to new patients. Insurers benefit from lower total care delivery costs with better case management. For patients, it’s access to high quality healthcare that is affordable and fulfills their expectation of care continuity regardless of their location. Visit http://www.carespanhealth.com for more information.