A Clinic You Can Rely On 24/7—No Matter Where You Are

CareSpan is a private, secure, permission-based medical and healthcare clinic-in-the-cloud that is there for you and your family, anytime you need it and anywhere you may be—from your computer, your smartphone or your tablet.

Today’s fast-paced developments in medical technology put the means to “read” your body in your hands. You can assess your own exercise activity, sleep patterns, blood pressure, heart rhythm, skin conditions and many, many other parameters. You can save these measurements and review them any time. This new technology creates a vast amount of important personal health data. With your permission, CareSpan is designed to provide your personal health information to your doctor at the click of a CareSpan Clinic button. The CareSpan Clinic solves the data acquisition-and-presentation puzzle for both you and your healthcare provider.

As a CareSpan member, you receive all the advances of the digital age as they apply to healthcare. With an Internet connection, you maintain contact with your doctor or advanced practice nurse no matter where you go or where your care provider may be. Imagine a sick child in the middle of the night that needs immediate care. You can sign on to the CareSpan Clinic and determine if your pediatrician is available. If not, one of her highly qualified colleagues can assist you. It’s your choice.

CareSpan is much more than a simple advice call that often results in a referral to another doctor. It is a face-to-face primary care visit with a doctor you choose, or a qualified on-call provider. With sensors and diagnostic devices coming to your home, your provider can see and hear you, listen to a sick child’s lungs, look in your child’s ear, and much more. CareSpan enables digital medicine that equals and sometimes surpasses an in-person exam. For most conditions, you and family members can be treated with a well-supported diagnosis, prescription, and medical instructions. You can now avoid the time and cost traveling to a medical office, an urgent care center or even an emergency room.

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CareSpan is designed not only to have your doctor diagnose and manage your urgent healthcare situations, but nearly all your ongoing medical needs. CareSpan’s Clinic is specifically built to provide you with great continuity of care. Diabetes care? Cancer follow-up? A healing wound? Progress visits after surgery? Mental health counseling? For these situations and hundreds more, the CareSpan Clinic is the place to go—from the comfort of your home or office.

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Member benefits are available through CareSpan’s CarePort phone and tablet app, your computer’s browser or at a CareSpan CarePoint. In addition to primary and specialty care, CareSpan members have a secure login and password to your CareSpan Clinic record, including prescriptions, lab results, diagnostic information and your doctors recommended treatment plans. You can also share your medical record with other healthcare professionals of your choice, so as you move or travel your personalized CareSpan medical goes with you.

CareSpan is healthcare for the digital world of the 21st century, while maintaining the personal touch of an earlier time. Ask your doctor, insurer or employer about CareSpan today.

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