A Clinic that Enables the Practice of Digital Medicine

Practicing medicine on CareSpan’s virtual Clinic brings you into the 21st century of digital healthcare delivery.

Humans are being digitized. Our genomes, proteomes, microbiomes and all the metabolic activity of the human body’s complex electromechanical machine can create a torrent of digital data. With evolving sensor technologies, we have the means to capture it. Today, vital signs, physiological and blood chemistry data, images and even patient compliance are now available through personal digital health devices that consumers are acquiring. As a provider—doctor, advanced practice nurse or therapist—can you manage this tsunami of patient data in daily practice? CareSpan provides a coherent, unified platform for digital healthcare delivery that delivers actionable clinical information that supports your workflow. With patient-sourced digital information and your empiric patient observations, you can crosscheck your clinical diagnosis and proposed treatment plan with evidence-based best practices. CareSpan enables your practice of digital medicine.

You joined the medical profession to help your fellow man overcome affliction and injury. Now you can leverage your time, energy and knowledge to reach patients anywhere without compromise, limited only by the boundaries of your licensure and scope of practice.

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