Aspen Group, Inc. Announces a Clinical Affiliation Partnership with American Advanced Practice Network to Provide Telehealth Clinical Access for USU MSNFNP Students

American Advanced Practice Network (American-APN) join forces with CM&F Group, Inc. (CM&F) to help Nurse Practitioners improve their practices.

July 07, 2020

NEW YORK, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aspen Group, Inc. (“AGI”) (Nasdaq: ASPU), an education technology holding company, today announced an affiliation partnership with American-Advanced Practice Network (A-APN), a national clinical network for advanced practice nurses that provides comprehensive health care and nursing services at its outpatient centers and clinical facilities throughout the U.S.

A-APN offers independent nurse practitioners (NPs) a unique, multi-state network or “group practice without walls” with best-in-class technology and business support. A-APN was created for and by NPs. Rural and remote members of the network have nationwide, trusted peer cross-coverage for patients. A-APN members deliver clinical care using CareSpan®’s Digital Care Delivery platform, facilitating care delivery in-person, or at a distance. The platform includes diagnostics, EMR, e-prescribing, remote monitoring, and dynamic documentation.

“Aspen Group is working diligently to support our graduate nursing students in their goal to complete their degrees and advance their careers. Through this affiliation, A-APN will appoint an Educational Coordinator to work with USU’s Office of Field Experience to place our students with qualified, experienced NP preceptors. Using A-APN’s CareSpan®, a comprehensive, integrated digital healthcare “Clinic-in-the-Cloud,” the program will allow students to work in a clinical setting remotely under the watchful eye of an A-APN NP,” said Chairman & CEO, Michael Mathews. “This critical telehealth partnership will enable our USU MSN-FNP students to complete their required direct care clinical hours with A-APN throughout the COVID-19 crisis and thereafter. As a benefit, we don’t anticipate any delays to their projected graduation dates.”

“American-Advanced Practice Network is excited to partner with Aspen Group in meeting the healthcare needs of the community by supporting quality nurse practitioner education through our network. As a catalyst for rapid change and adaptation in healthcare, COVID-19 has ushered in a new era of telehealth delivery. A-APN and Aspen Group, have created a powerful partnership to quickly adapt to this change and meet the needs of nurse practitioner education and patient care delivery,” said A-APN President, Melissa Magstadt.

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About American Advanced Practice Network
American-APN is the first professional “group practice without walls” that brings highly qualified nurse practitioners to those in need of health care under a collaborative care system that uses cutting-edge digital technologies. American-APN was created for and by Advanced Practice Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. It is owned and operated exclusively by its nurse practitioner membership with its own executive leadership and Board of Directors. Members of the network enjoy extensive economic, professional and personal benefits due to the collaborative care opportunities and economies of scale that American-APN provides. For further information please visit: