CareSpan’s Integrated Digital Care Networks deliver quality primary and behavioral healthcare to the underserved

Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses are well-positioned to fill the growing need for primary medical care services in professional shortage areas across the country. American-APN is the first professional ‘group practice without walls’ that brings highly-qualified nurses to those in need of medical care under a collaborative care system that uses cutting edge digital technologies.

Who we are:

  • Nurse Practitioners delivering primary care
  • Utilizing CareSpan’s digital care platform
  • Serving those in need – everywhere
  • Collaborating with American MedPsych to improve outcomes
  • Routine care – Chronic diseases – Palliative and Hospice care

In recent years medical research has proven that the functions of the brain and functions of the body are inextricably linked at molecular and metabolic levels. CareSpan’s MedPsych network of behavioral and mental health specialists use sophisticated digital care tools in collaboration with primary care counterparts to manage reinforcing conditions such as depression and diabetes, substance abuse and pain, stress and job performance, to alleviate suffering and improve outcomes.

Who we are:

  • Integrated behavioral/mental health and primary care
  • Psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, primary care physicians
  • Utilizing CareSpan’s digital care platform
  • Collaborating with American-APN to improve outcomes
  • Preventing and treating the consequences of mental and physical illness


As an independent practice manager and owner, it can feel lonely and hard to know where to turn for assistance. As a member of American-APN, with CareSpan’s platform, I never feel that way. I have the digital business support I need and an extensive network of experienced practitioners to collaborate with when I need them.

Annie Donoway , Modern Day Health Care

I have owned a practice since 1999. The isolation of being an NP practice owner can be overwhelming. The network of practices served by the CareSpan Digital Platform created an instant source of colleagues to bounce problems, ideas, and questions with. I felt immediately welcomed by the leadership and the members of the network were immediately accessible to talk with. the one-stop-shop of business, clinical, and emotional support for me was a welcomed change to being an isolated provider. I can solve problems knowing that there are people in my circle who can help me make the right decisions for my practice.

Lorraine Bock , Peaceful Balance Healthcare

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