We are Driving Improved Health Outcomes by Transforming the Patient-Provider Experience

Our Purpose

We are driven to produce better health outcomes, broaden access to care, and reduce the cost of care delivery.

81 Million

Primary Care Shortage

According to HRSA, 81 million Americans live in primary care shortages areas.

120 Million

Mental Health Care Shortage

120 million Americans live in mental and behavioral health shortage areas

90% of Spend

Drive Better Health Outcomes

Nearly 90% of U.S. healthcare spend is for patients with one or more chronic conditions. Most unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations result from lack of timely care intervention

CareSpan’s Corporate Social Responsibility in Action

CareSpan’s core mission includes enabling quality medical care delivery to remote and underserved populations. This example highlights successful care delivery to residents of a remote, storm-ravaged Filipino town.


Transforming Patient Care

We are transforming the way healthcare is delivered and received – by empowering health practitioners with integrated digital tools and capabilities to improve care delivery, and by enabling patients with better information so that they can be more personally engaged and involved in their care.



As an independent practice manager and owner, it can feel lonely and hard to know where to turn for assistance. As a member of American-APN, with CareSpan’s platform, I never feel that way. I have the digital business support I need and an extensive network of experienced practitioners to collaborate with when I need them.

Annie Donoway , Modern Day Health Care

I have owned a practice since 1999. The isolation of being an NP practice owner can be overwhelming. The network of practices served by the CareSpan Digital Platform created an instant source of colleagues to bounce problems, ideas, and questions with. I felt immediately welcomed by the leadership and the members of the network were immediately accessible to talk with. the one-stop-shop of business, clinical, and emotional support for me was a welcomed change to being an isolated provider. I can solve problems knowing that there are people in my circle who can help me make the right decisions for my practice.

Lorraine Bock , Peaceful Balance Healthcare

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