CareSpan Launches Remote Patient Monitoring Service with an Initial Enrollment of over 100 Patients

VANCOUVER, BC March 3, 2022 /CNW/ – CareSpan Health, Inc. (TSXV: CSPN) (“Company” or “CareSpan”) , the provider of the “Clinic-in-the-Cloud” platform addressing the primary care shortage in the U.S., and improving the delivery of chronic, urgent and mental health care, is pleased to announce that it has launched its new RPM service after successfully testing the service with both Nurse Practitioners (” NPs “) and their patients. CareSpan has initiated the patient outreach process and over 100 patients have enrolled since launching the service late last month.

RPM is the use of digital devices that allow clinicians and care providers to capture health and medical data on a continuous basis from their patients remotely and electronically through CareSpan’s “Clinic-in-the-Cloud” platform. This data enables clinicians to assess the treatment of chronic conditions in real time, ultimately improving their ability to deliver customized care plans to improve patient outcomes.

CareSpan’s RPM is fully integrated into its “Clinic-in-the-Cloud” platform and connects to over 300 FDA approved devices. Effective use of RPM as an integral part of a patient’s care plan, allows CareSpan’s NPs and clinicians to improve patient outcomes while generating additional revenue for their respective practices.

To date, the Company in working with its NPs has identified over 2,000 patients within its current patient base for whom RPM would be a key component of their care plan to manage chronic illness. The Company expects to have the majority of these patients enrolled in the RPM service by the end of this year. The reimbursement for RPM is in the range of US$100 to US$115 per patient per month.

According to Rembert de Villa , CareSpan Health Inc. CEO, “Millions of people suffer from or have early signs of chronic illness. We believe that the adoption of RPM, as an integral part of a patient’s care plan, can truly make a difference: to the patient, the care provider, and the entire heathcare system. RPM is the first of a series of planned value-add services and is a key component of our growth strategy. As we continue to add NPs to our network and expand the patient pool, RPM is expected to become a key driver for revenue growth and margin expansion.  Furthermore, we believe having RPM as part of the “Clinic-in-the-Cloud” platform further strengthens our value proposition to NPs as it offers them a seamless way of improving the quality of patient care and generate incremental revenue for their practice.”

Adriane Robinson , COO of CareSpan Integrated Networks added, “We are excited about RPM because it is key to our journey towards delivering value-based care. As our primary care NPs and clinicians incorporate RPM in their patients’ care plan, we expect to see improved health outcomes through real time adjustments to patients’ plans of care, resulting in reduced hospital admissions and re-admissions, as well as a reduction in the overall cost of care. Part of our RPM offering is a Care Continuity Service that serves as a bridge between provider and patients. The service is staffed by clincians who help coordinate communications between patient and provider, and work in the background to support patient adherence to the care plan and RPM program. We want to make sure that the people and process part of the equation, combined with our technology, achieves optimum results.”

The National Health Council estimates that over 40% of the American population has a chronic disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control, chronic disease care accounts for over 90% of all Medicare spending. The Company views RPM as a key enabling technology to improve the quality of care of those suffering from chronic illness and help manage the increasing costs of chronic care management.  According to CB Insights: “Tech Trends to Watch in 2022” , the Covid-19 pandemic has expedited the growth and need of RPM to a $30B market in the United States as hospitals and lockdowns have created an immediate demand for chronic and preventative care. With its fully-integrated “Clinic-in-the-Cloud” platform and NP-led primary care provider network, CareSpan believes it is well-positioned to take advantage of this market opportunity, while contributing to better health outcomes for patients.

About CareSpan Health

CareSpan is a healthcare technology and services company that has developed and deployed a unique, proprietary integrated digital care platform, the CareSpan Clinic-in-the Cloud™, that creates easy access to care for the underserved. With a patient-centric approach focused on improving health outcomes, CareSpan uses sophisticated digital tools and capabilities to improve patient outcomes in primary care, chronic care, urgent care, and mental health.

In addition to the integrated digital care platform, CareSpan has built and deployed a business support infrastructure for its professional networks, American-Advanced Practice Network and American-MedPsych Network. American-Advanced Practice Network harnesses the clinical capabilities of Nurse Practitioners to address the shortage in primary and chronic care in the country. American-MedPsych brings together providers to tackle shortages mainly in mental health.

Clinic-in-the-Cloud is a trademark of CareSpan USA Inc., a subsidiary of CareSpan Health, Inc.

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