CareSpan USA, Inc. Launches COVID-19 Screening-and-Response Program

American Advance Practice Network (American-APN) Members and Houston Area Safety Council/Global Health are First Users

March 20, 2020

New York, New York  PRWeb – CareSpan® USA, developer of the CareSpan® Integrated Digital Care Platform  has developed and launched a screening-and-response program for individuals concerned that they may have contracted the new coronavirus and COVID-19.  The CareSpan® COVID-19 Screening-and-Response (S&R) Program was designed with input from physicians, nurse practitioners and doctors-of-public-health to enable risk assessment and counseling of anyone concerned about the new coronavirus disease, regardless of location. The first clinicians using the CareSpan® COVID-19 S&R Program are members of American-APN, a multi-state network of nurse practitioners using the CareSpan® Clinic platform for care delivery.  Likewise, Global Health, the occupational medicine arm of Houston Area Safety Council is offering the COVID-19 S&R Program to its industrial employer clientele for screening of workers in the energy, refining, chemical and construction sectors.

“The current COVID-19 pandemic presents a challenge to state and local governments and the medical community at large to provide a safe, easily accessible method through which concerned individuals may take a first step, to be screened to determine if they are currently appropriate for COVID-19 testing,” stated Dr. Terry Knapp, CareSpan® Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Knapp added, “Health departments, emergency rooms and doctors’ offices can be relieved of the burden of evaluating large numbers of anxious patients for indications for testing and self-care instructions. Policy makers can receive the information they need to support crucial decisions and the real-time data needed to evaluate results.”

The CareSpan® COVID-19 S&R Program puts each patient in video contact with a qualified health professional, establishes a record for each person, uses data coupled with direct observation to assess each person’s risk and susceptibility profile, then guides that person to testing and care as indicated. It also establishes a follow-up opportunity for continuity-of-care to all screened persons should that be necessary.

“The current Coronavirus crisis understandably generates fear and concern among individuals and families. The CareSpan® COVID-19 S&R program  provides the potential for an early and orderly assessment of symptoms and recommended responses for all Americans, and is meant to augment and support control and containment measures being implemented by public and private sector leadership in the U.S., ” noted Rembert De Vila, CareSpan®’s Chief Executive Officer. De Villa concluded, “CareSpan® is committed to contribute to this global COVID-19 fight.”

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The Houston Area Safety Council (HASC) is a 501(c)3 trade association whose mission is to build safe workplaces by improving the quality and integrity of the workforce. As a leader in developing innovative and advanced solutions, HASC continues to build value to the industry through the areas of training, skills development, technology and industry services, and occupational health. Providing occupational health services through Global Health ensures quality and consistency in all health education, health testing, examinations, and injury care supplied to our industry both at our health centers and through our mobile on-site team.

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