Dr. Terry Knapp, CareSpan® Founder and Chief Medical Officer, delivers Notable Alumnus Lecture at the University of Florida College of Medicine Alumni Weekend

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October 7, 2020

Dr. Terry Knapp, CareSpan® Founder and CMO, delivered “Transforming Healthcare Worldwide: Integrated Digital Care and P4 Medicine,” as the Notable Alumnus Lecturer at the University of Florida College of Medicine alumni weekend held October 2 – 4. Dr. Knapp is an esteemed double alumnus of the University of Florida and a Wall of Fame recipient of the College of Medicine. He joined alumni to celebrate the 60th reunion for UF medical school and his 50th as a member of the Class of 1970.

Dr. Knapp’s extensive 40-year practice as a board-certified surgeon and his vast array of healthcare industry experiences and connections enabled him to create a clinic-in-the-cloud, CareSpan®, which enables quality healthcare to scale globally and takes advantage of technology to accomplish this goal.

Dr. Knapp said, “I am honored to share a vision of P4 medicine and the story of the creation of the digital healthcare delivery platform that enables providers to predict individual health, prevent adversities that are predicted, personalize treatment strategies and encourage individual participation in their care.” Dr. Knapp continues, “It is my great honor to articulate a set of interrelated concepts and a framework in which they can be executed, so that medical care, especially primary care, can be leveraged to optimize outcomes faster, better and more cost effectively than ever before.”

“We are proud to have Dr. Knapp, our Founder and CMO, deliver this keynote,” Rembert De Villa, Chief Executive Officer, CareSpan®, “as he has a firsthand understanding of how integrated digital care can transform healthcare delivery globally.  That is our mission at CareSpan®; and the pandemic has underscored its relevance.” De Villa concluded.

For more information on Integrated Digital Health and P4 medicine. www.carespanhealth.com/about/reference/

Here is a link to a video of the event.

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