Release Notes

CareSpan EMR – Release Notes


Version 2.2.1 [2022-09-14]

• Added collection of referring provider for a patient from within the exam room.
• Redesign of patient pay option to allow easier pulldown selection.
• Added link to release notes in portal footer.
• Updated the “take payment” receipt.

Bug Fixes:
• In E-Labs, fixed the showing of duplicate insurers.
• Fixed bug that would occasionally prevent inputting amount for prompt pay.


Version 2.1.40 [2022-08-16]

• Billing can now ingest Master AR transactions.
• Billing transactions will now properly refund amounts so that it will be allowed to be sent out again.
• Billing transactions can handle multi-clinic payments, so patient balances for multiple clinics can be viewed as under the same umbrella.
• CCDA exporting and processing has been enhanced.
• RPM updated to handle ingesting of Prevounce data.

Bug Fixes:
• Added “close” button to Dashboard -> DoseSpot Notification


Version 2.0.3168 [2022-08-03]

• Billing reporting allows submitting of updated billing codes.
• Billing reporting now ensures billing provider is showing in report.
• Patient Info → Insurance – now allows ability to look up old insurance.
• Admin → Clinic Stats – now produces top CPT codes used per client.
• Insurance Verification will now show errors without having to scroll to the bottom.
• Admin → Encounter now allows ability to filter out test clinicians.
• Admin → Billable Readiness Status will now be tracked for accountability.
• Check in/out now will separate out primary insurance from past insurance with color coding.
• Check in/out now has drop downs for Secondary/Tertiary selections.
• Allergy function now has a “no known allergies” option.
• Healthrecord → Measurements will now show Date of Service if applicable.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed Medical Problems – to ensure problems are showing correctly after “unsigning”.
• Fixed Encounter → Billing Codes – to ensure ICDs after signing.
• Fixed Administered Meds → NDC – now is a required field.


Version 2.0.3084 [2012-07-20]

• Private Payer update now allows clinics to add private payer. During patient check out, you can click “Edit” → “Add Private Payer”. Note that when saved, you will be taken back to the dashboard but the user stays in the checkout.
• If a patient does not have insurance, the amount is now un-editable. Check in/out → No Insurance will no longer allow the amount to be editted.
• Multiple insurance validation allowed. When verifying insurance from the dashboard, you can verify all insurances. You can click on the warning triangle to see the insurance statuses.
• New interface for Transactions/Balances. When clicking Transactions, the new interface has a better layout, and if the clinic has DPC there is a tab for that. Note that you can switch to the old layout if you wish.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed Admin → Unsign encounter – to allow processing of more bills.
• Fixed Admin → Encounter billing status readiness – to allow processing of more bills.
• Fixed Patient → Insurance save function – now updates correctly.
• Improved Report → Private Payer – faster reporting.
• Fixed timeout when switching between clinics and performing elabs – now the selected clinic will use the correct elab account immediately.